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This is a day by day compendium of historical events. Each day is linked to an event which could be your birthday or any special occasion in your life so you find yourself learning about events and about yourself as well. This book is part of an on-going compilation of contributions to human existence sharing knowledge of developments across all areas of interest. The events have been compiled from a global perspective to suit your interests and investigative research. You are welcome to this unique experience.

Memorable days have several benefits. They serve as a kind of shorthand for important events of history. All day, everyday, everywhere around the world events happen, people build and destroy, people fight and negotiate, each action stands as a distinct event. The dates compiled in this book range from the birthdays of famous and infamous individuals who have contributed to human development and advancement. The events also vary from triumphs to tragedies that had occurred at different times and at different locations around the world.             www.daysofhistory.org

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